IP Registration


IP Registration

  • Copyright Registration
  • Trademarks Registration
  • Patent Registration
  • Industrial Designs Registration
  • Trade Secrets Registration
  • Layout Design of Integrated Circuit Registration
  • Geographical Indications Registration
  • Plant Variety Protection Registration

Copyright is the exclusive right of the creator or the right to publish or reproduce the creation or giving permission for it, without prejudice to the restrictions according to the legislation in force.

Trademark is a sign in the form of images, names, words, letters, numbers, color composition, or a combination of these elements, having distinguishing features and used in the trading of goods or services. Trademark protection period is for 10 years from the date of registration and may be extended.

Patent is an exclusive right granted by a state to an inventor for his invention in the field of technology, who for a given period carry out his own invention to other parties to implement them.

Industrial Design  is a creation of shape, configuration, or composition of lines or colors, or lines and colors, or a combination thereof in the form of three-dimensional or two-dimensional that provide aesthetic impression and can be manifested in a pattern of three-dimensional or two-dimensional and can be used to produce a product, goods, industrial commodity or handicraft.

Trade Secrets Registration is information that is not publicly known in the field of technology and / or business, has economic value because it is useful in business activities, and kept secret by the owner of Trade Secret.

Layout Design of Integrated Circuits is an exclusive right granted by the Republic of Indonesia to the designer for his creation, for a given period, or to give permission to others to exercise that rights.

Geographical indication is a sign which indicates the origin of goods, which is due to the geographical environment, including natural factors, human factors, or a combination of both factors, which provide specific characteristics and quality of goods produced.

Plant Variety Protection (PVP) or the rights of plant breeders is the intellectual property rights granted to the holder of the plant breeder or PVP to control exclusively the propagation material (including seeds, cuttings, seedlings, or tissue culture) and harvested material (flowers pieces, pieces, pieces of leaves) of a new crop varieties for use in a specified time period.

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