IP Research, Investigation and Protection


  • The process of market investigation on a brand or aproduct that has a similarity or resemblance to the brand or productbelonging to the clients which has been marketed. The goal of this investigation is to provide complete and thorough information to the client to understand and decide the legal action for the brand or product which has similarity to the client’s brand or product.
  • Brand / Product protection is a service that we provide to control the market on a regular basis, to anticipate counterfeit products that have similarities and resemblances with the brand or products of the client, preparing necessary legal warning and perform legal measures to protect the brand / product which belongs to Clients from other parties who are not responsible.
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    To maintain a professional long term relationship with the Client, we understand that it will be necessary to treat any assignment given to us as a confidential information. We will not disclosed any information to other parties without approval from the Client.